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Serving Over 35 Countries in Global Food Market Developments;
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Yupi.ca is a globally trusted supplier of conventional and organic food products. Established in 2014, we are committed to providing a full range of quality products to our customers at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on our innovative focus on food safety management along with making strategic investments in new markets and product promotion. Yupi.ca will continue develop new and innovative systems in order to better serve our suppliers and customers.

Our performance and success is credited to our expert logistics and customer service team. Yupi.ca believes in providing a worry-free logistics service from farm gate to plate at the most competitive rates. Our team is experienced in domestic and international transportation and knowledgeable in global import and export regulations. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that Yupi.ca will work tirelessly to ensure that orders will arrive on time.

Yupi.ca is working to maintain long-term, sustainable relationships through "Experience, Quality, Reputation & Innovation". We are dedicated to simplifying tough decisions - Make Yupi.ca your Global Food Trading Partner!

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With a diverse supply chain and a commitment to investing in new markets, our customers can be confident that Yupi.ca will deliver quality, competitively-priced products to global markets.


Yupi.ca is committed to building sustainable, long-term relationships with our suppliers by operating on full transparency and focusing on future growth through trusted partnerships.


Our knowledgable logistics team is committed to ensuring that orders arrive on time and without issue. Yupi.ca eliminates uncertainty with up-to-date schedules, comprehensive insurance and the most competitive rates.


The Yupi.ca team are experts in preparing, reviewing and guaranteeing the accuracy of documentation. Customers can have confidence that they will enjoy a seamless customs service from entry to delivery.


Yupi.ca believes in providing worry-free service throughout the entire process. Our experienced customer service team is focussed on ensuring that every order is accurate and meets expectations, even after delivery.


Yupi.ca is focused on improving our standard operating practice by developing new and innovative systems to capture, analyze and report on data in order to better serve our clients.

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